Behaviour Based Leadership

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What You'll do

What’s this event all about?

In this event, you will discover what many transformational leaders already know. That world-class results are not attained by accident. They are the result of building a world-class culture rooted in vision and value-based principles and practices. You will also discover how to evaluate how well an existing culture is aligned with:
- Vision
- Values
- and whether these principles serve as a catalyst to drive world-class behaviours.

Who can take this class?

This class is appropriate for all levels of experience. But it might be of special interest to anyone new to leading. As well as individuals and teams focused on creating a world-class culture.

Why should we take this class?

Leadership is about behaviours, not a title. In this class, you will learn how the actions taken by our leaders are directly proportional to the results they achieve and be able to apply these principles into your life.

How is the event structured?

I will introduce myself and give you some background information on myself, including lessons I have learned over a career in leadership. I will also explore the relationship between being a leader and leading. This will be followed by a 30-minute discussion on the principles and practices of Behaviour Based Leadership. Finally, I always conclude a 15-minute Q&A session.

Your host


Dave Swenson

Hello and welcome! I’m Dave and I am an experienced discussion leader, who addresses multiple learning styles throughout the event. I have been in leadership positions for most of my career. Helping others develop the leader within themselves, as well as the leaders around them is my passion. I look forward to meeting you at our event to help you skill build.

What to bring

An appetite to learn, apply and reflect upon the principles and practices of behaviour-based leadership.

Pen and paper (if you want to take notes)

The motivation to participate in group discussions

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