From cherry to cup - An interactive specialty coffee cupping once around the globe

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90 Minutes

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What You'll do

What’s this event all about?

Join us for a gustatory excursion around the globe. In this interactive workshop, our certified coffee sommelier shares the unique stories and journeys behind each cup of coffee you drink. From the cultivation of the coffee plant, harvesting, processing, and roasting - all the way to the different ways of preparing your perfect cup.

During our guided coffee cupping of specialty coffees from all over the world, we dive into all aspects of this unique beverage - learning about its ingredients, its impact on your health, the differences between industrial and artisan coffee, and we uncover what makes specialty coffee so special.

Who can take this class?

Anyone ages 18 and up. Did you know that coffee holds more than 800 aromas? That’s twice as much as wine. Coffee drinker or not - we promise you will be surprised by how diverse coffee can taste.

Why should we take this class?

Effective virtual team building takes more than a video call. We’ve got you covered. Every participant receives specialty coffees via mail prior to the seminar, so that we experience a professional coffee cupping session together using the same coffees.

You and your team will share all sensations that come with a great coffee - from its heart warming smell while brewing, to the silky mouthfeel and its unique taste. Coffee brings people together!

How is the event structured?

Prior to the event, we select some of the best coffees in the world and prepare them for your professional cupping. Every participant receives three specialty coffee and a cupping booklet in the convenience of their own homes.

During the cupping session, we brew the coffees and our sommelier guides you through the gustatory process. We discuss differences in taste and their root cause to change your perception of this beverage forever.

Your host


Benjamin Gröschel

Hi, my name is Benjamin

I’m a certified Coffee Sommelier and founder of the Münchner Kaffeerösterei - a Munich based coffee company that has taken on the task to change how we perceive coffee for the better.

Our coffee bars and countless seminars have enabled us to spread and share our fascination for coffee all over Europe.

Let me share my passion with you and show you why there is so much more to a cup of coffee than a wake-up call.

What to bring

3 cups ( ~ 1/4 l) and 2 tablespoons

1 small bowl and water kettle with hot water ( ~ 1 l)

2 glasses with cold water and 2 pens in different colors (e.g. blue and red)

How to participate

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