Betwixt and Between: Managing Virtual and Onsite Teams to Reboot Productivity

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What’s this event all about?

Betwixt and Between means neither here nor there. You are in a transitional position.

That describes what is happening today with some team members working virtually and others back in the office. Alternatively, team members may be spending 3 days a week working from home but are in the office 2 days a week. Moving back and forth between on- and off-site brings disruption of familiar routines and creates exceptional challenges for team members and for managers.

Some of the Betwixt and Between environment challenges include:
- Increasing connection/bonding between team members
- Having virtual meetings with pizzazz
- Keeping team members focused on production goals
- Ensuring deadlines are met
- Enabling productive and innovative “water-cooler” conversations
- Managing the personalities of team members for collaboration

How many of these challenges are your team experiencing? If even one of them is a challenge, join this webinar and learn how to move from the Coronavirus Crisis plateau to a new plateau of Betwixt and Between productivity. Tips and techniques are given for enacting change in your organisation and overcoming the instability brought on by the rapid transition to virtual and onsite workers.

Who can take this class?

Any team who wants to overcome the challenges, the trials, and the emotional and physical bumps in the road found when working Betwixt and Between the company office and the work from home office, whether that is your kitchen or your bedroom.

Upon request, Betwixt and Between can be delivered for a group of managers who want to focus their teams, build cooperation, improve morale that may have been destroyed by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Why should we take this class?

Even though the rapid transition from office work to virtual and back to onsite work has brought confusion and uncertainty, we are not powerless.

In this webinar you will learn how to:
- Re-establish productive routines
- Hone needed self-management skills
- Move all team members into daily actions based on goals and objectives
- Face the future with confidence

We’ll explore how to:
- Rationally align members behind the team’s purpose and vision
- Balance teamwork and personal empowerment
- Create and maintain engagement
- Key into the creativity and innovation of individual team members
- Customise conversations to team members’ diverse personalities

Teams will learn how to handle the present with resilience while exploring the opportunities of the future.

How is the event structured?

This event opens with a virtual team building game. A short overview of the agenda is given before jumping into the content. A principle is presented followed by discussion. This pattern is followed throughout the hour. The session ends with another virtual game to check participant understanding and discover what they want to implement into their routines from the session.

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Karla Brandau

Hi there! I’m Karla and as a 25-year veteran of training teams to be more collaborative, inclusive of ideas, and productive, I bring insight into the culture of teams and the complexity of interpersonal team relationships. My style of presenting is upbeat, positive, and spreads infectious enthusiasm for improving and implementing my proprietary techniques. I make each team member feel welcome in the virtual training and use techniques to get each person (even the introverts) to participate.

What to bring

Think of a challenge they have to be truly productive in the Betwixt and Between environment and be willing to share it. I prize transparency.

Pen and paper

A positive and open mind

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