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What’s this event all about?

This event is all about leadership, high performance and critical thinking. My event is both informative as well as motivational, pulling together life experiences and lessons learnt from other corporate organisations I have worked for. I tend to avoid models as experience tells me that people react better to metaphors and stories. I want this event to be memorable and make the right connection with participants.

Who can take this class?

Anybody who wants to delve further into the topics of leadership and critical thinking while hearing incredible life stories and lessons. Up until now, there been particular interest from senior management and board-level executives but the event is really for anyone.

Why should we take this class?

This is not a lecture or dogma but a powerful story of endeavour and success/failure in equal
measure where participants will:
1. Continue their learning and benefit from looking through a very different lens
2. Gain insight and inspiration from hard earned successes
3. Reignite their curiosity, creativity and mental agility
4. Have some fun and meet somebody with a good story

How is the event structured?

This is a one hour delivery with intermittent slides and film that will include an introduction, presentation and a short Q&A at the end. But am very flexible depending on the client’s needs.

Your host


Ken Hames

Friendly--no ego--no hard sell---measured-- I have become one of the UK’s top business and motivational speakers. With a Special Forces (SAS) background, I have the knowledge and the gravitas to hold an audience’s attention and challenge their thinking. I offer some powerful links between leading hardened SAS soldiers and the pressures of modern business practice. My talks not only inform, but also invite leaders to look at themselves as ‘The Guardians of Creating the Right Environment’; an environment, in which their people can thrive and perform at their best. I try to inspire people to think of new ways in which they can achieve that goal. I have been a key-note speaker with some of the biggest companies in the world including BP, Shell Microsoft, Siemens, Airbus, Lufthansa, Bayer, Lloyds, EON,
SubSea7, Stena, Transocean, Premier Oil and the Association of Chief Executives. My testimonials bear witness to someone who produces results.

What to bring

An open mind and heart

A positive attitude


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