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What’s this event all about?

Trust is an essential element to high performing teams. However, when we explore trust, it can be vague and difficult to break down. This workshop will bring teams together to explore the elements of trust and leave with a model for trust unique to them including actions and behaviours that either build or diminish trust.

Who can take this class?

Any intact teams or employees from the same organization looking to build trust and walk away with a new and common understanding of trust in their team/company.

Why should we take this class?

Without trust, we lack innovation, do not raise concerns, ignore crucial conversations and disengage. Trust is essential to high performing teams and between leaders and their employees. This session will define trust for you and give you a model for trust moving forward.

How is the event structured?

This highly interactive workshop will balance learning, small group discussions, creativity and reflection to ensure all learning styles are accommodated. Be prepared to dig deep and have fun and come out of the session feeling closer to your colleagues.

Your host


Laura Cooke

I’m Laura, and I have experience with virtual learning and been certified as a Dare To LeadTM facilitator (based on the work by Dr Brené Brown). I focus on creating a safe space, creating high levels of engagement and exploring several different learning modalities. I am calm and diplomatic, bringing fun and memorable content. My main focus is modelling the vulnerability she seeks to bring out in others and is committed to providing tangible tools teams can take back to their organization and share

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A willingness to learn

An open mind

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