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What’s this event all about?

Every day, millions of teams from across the planet come together with the goal of achieving positive outcomes and results. However, many of those teams fail to reach their collective potential because they lack the cohesive capability and shared awareness of their team’s identity.

By developing a deeper understanding of your individual and team identity you can focus on bringing this insight into alignment with the key goals you are striving to achieve. This interactive development event is designed to give you and your team the space, guidance and opportunity to unpack, ‘Who you really are’.

In this event, you will learn 3 integrated layers that contribute to your individual and team identity. These layers are called Having, Doing, Being.

- Having – the things that we each possess as part of our identity, including our personality and character strengths.
- Doing – the things that we are motivated by and which fuel our achievement.
- Being – the underlying narrative of our identity and the hierarchy of values we hold as important.

Each of these layers will be explored through the event to help develop a deeper awareness of your individual and team identity.

Who can take this class?

Anyone – this event enables reflection and insight at both the individual and collective level. Ideally you will be part of a team that is looking to learn, grow and develop together.

Why should we take this class?

This event will help you and your team to create greater understanding at both an individual and collective level. This can help you to find alignment with the work and goals you are aiming to achieve.

How is the event structured?

This is NOT a lecture. The event is designed leveraging best practice principles of adult learning and development. That means people will be active, participative and engaged in the session. People will have multiple opportunities to contribute to the discussion while being provided with a resource that allows them to capture reflective insights.

Your host


Philip Andersson

Kia Ora and welcome! My name is Philip Andersson a global citizen who lives in London but was raised in Aotearoa (New Zealand). I’ve been fortunate to work in the field of adult development, leadership and transformation for over 15 years. After leaving Deloitte Australia in 2014, I created an award-winning learning consultancy called Bespoke Leaders. Since that time, I’ve partnered with numerous clients, across a variety of industries and geographies to help them develop the potential of their people.

My passion is learning and for the unique opportunity to be a facilitator and catalyst of personal development and elevated sense-making. As a facilitator, I’m experienced working across the full range of job levels from Early Career to Senior Executive. In the context of my facilitation style, I’m often referred to as engaging, insightful and fun. I believe that learning is an active process, and all of my events and development experiences leverage this principle. I look forward to an opportunity of working with you and your team in helping unlock and transform your collective potential.

What to bring

An open and curious mindset

An intention for personal development

A willingness to engage and collaborate

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