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What’s this event all about?

Get ready to slip into the role of special agents from the CSI. You will have to solve the mysterious death of a professional soccer player who lost his supporters due to bribery and power relations. The case is now to be reopened! Was it an accident? a suicide? or maybe murder? Alibis must be checked, evidence gathered and motives identified. To do this, newspaper articles and videos have to be analysed, police databases have to be queried, and clues must be gathered. Of course, this is only possible if colleagues exchange information and communicate effectively with each other… are you up for the challenge?

Who can take this class?

The CSI Home Office is a great event to get your team together virtually. The activity is developed to suit as a virtual team building event and therefore supports all companies who want to strengthen their teams from home. No prior experience is required to participate in this event.

Why should we take this class?

This online thriller adventure provides excitement and fun. At CSI Home Office the participants step into the role of investigators and experience cooperation and teamwork in a playful way. Since a lot of information has to be processed efficiently by the groups during the event, this activity also improves communication, shortens distances and helps to stimulate agile working methods.

How is the event structured?

00:00 - 00:15 h Introduction: At the agreed-upon time our team awaits you in the video-conference. As soon as everyone joined the game, our chief officer will welcome you and give you an insight into the murder case.

00:15 - 01:45 h Investigation: Allocated in teams (approx. 5 people per team), the participants will join their virtual team rooms. Via our game website, teams can access various documents such as autopsy reports, newspaper articles or radio recordings which provide hints on what has happened and needs to be inspected and evaluated.

01:45 - 02:00 h Finale: After 90 minutes, the teams submit the investigation forms online, whereafter the case is solved and an award ceremony takes place together with all employees in the virtual foyer.

Your host



Bringing people together through the benefits of gamification is our job. Our team building activities are designed to balance fun and education. This way participants develop specific skills through an enjoyable and engaging team activity. Both businesses and employees benefit from the outcome. With a good year of experience in implementing virtual events, we know the struggles of taking part in video conferences and we leave no one behind. In order to have a smooth event we offer to have a short virtual meeting before the actual event- so to test the video conferencing tool and necessary links for the game. Our staff will be there for you throughout the event. In case any questions occur during the event we gladly help out at any time.

What to bring

Laptop/PC incl. Camera (with connection to a stable internet)

Headset if available

Good mood!

How to participate

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