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What’s this event all about?

In today’s business environment, to gain and to maintain a competitive advantage, you need to fully develop your design and creative thinking skills, both of which have become essential to cope with daily unpredictability, change and transformation.

Design thinking is a proven methodology that helps to unleash creativity and inspiring innovation that resonates with customers' needs and wishes.

During this event, I will provide you with an introduction to the methodology of Design Thinking, leading you through the process with plenty of examples and practical exercises.

I will teach you the tools and methods used to evaluate problems, develop ideas, and create innovative solutions having the user in mind. Focusing on the importance of user understanding and the development of desirable, feasible, and viable ideas, the event will provide you with an overview of all the phases of the Design Thinking process.

Who can take this class?

- Anyone who wants to strengthen the ability to lead innovation and enhance organisations' capabilities
- Anyone who is seeking to integrate creative practices into business processes and corporate culture
- Anyone who is curious about this methodology and is seeking to learn a new problem-solving approach to innovation

Why should we take this class?

I recommend this class to people who are interested in:
- Learning a new process to define and creatively solve problems with a user-centred perspective
- Understanding who the user is and learning how to empathise with them
- Creating and correctly applying the Persona template to better map and understand customer needs
- Formulating ideas for problem-solving
- Creating and testing solutions that integrate product configuration, functionality and user-experience

How is the event structured?

The event will start with a 30-min overview, providing a comprehensive introduction to the methodology of Design Thinking. A practical exercise with the application of the Design Thinking complete process will follow. The class will then end with a Q&A session.

Your host


Dr. Gaja Amigoni

Hi, I am Gaja!

I am a coach, lecturer and consultant specialised on the topics of Design Thinking and Agile Management.

During the last ten years, I had the chance to lead the digital transformation of companies operating in multiple sectors, to interact with different departments and to manage interdisciplinary teams. I do believe that the current corporate environment, is strongly characterised by Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity (VUCA), the constant learning, application and experimentation of innovative methodologies, agile approaches and new business models aligned to the overall corporate vision and integrated with strategic planning are the keys to business success and sustainable survival.

My current mission is to share my knowledge with people who are willing to embrace change, create value and start innovating!

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