Wine Tasting – Redwine in all facets (Red, Red, Red)

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What’s this event all about?

Stephanie Döring, the foundress of the young enterprise weinladen.de ranks with your business among the most innovative wine dealers of Germany. The young enterprise with its 2 bars in Hamburg and in Cologne was distinguished several times by the professional world.

Beside the special assortment above all the unusual Tastings contribute to the success of this enterprise, whose philosophy "wine without dress code" is lived. Meanwhile the digital Tastings have reached the same cult status as in the bars in Hamburg and in Cologne. The internationally renowned Sommelière and Stephanie Döring have succeeded in transporting the unique spirit digitally. Beyond encrusted rituals and outdated wine knowledge, the participants experience here what really matters in order to become a little more secure on the smooth wine parquet.

​With 3 wines (1.5 hours of tasting), which will be delivered to all participants in a package in time before the event, all participants will undertake a short journey into the world of today's wines. Moderated by Stephanie Döring, many new insights open up. Whether into the stories of the winemakers, the regions or the production processes. In these tastings, the shared enjoyment of drinking comes first - bottle by bottle, sip by sip.

​Our ultimate goal is to take away the threshold fear of the most beautiful drink in the world. Wine is not a matter of the head, but above all a sociable matter of the heart. Together we will have a good time - at a distance and having fun.


1 bottle (0.7l) Habla la Tierra - Syrah, Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot

1 bottle (0.7l) Ziobaffa rosso - Sangiovese, Syrah

1 bottle (0.7l) Mas Bécha Classique - Syrah, Grenache, Mourvédre

Who can take this class?

The Tastings are aimed at all those who are in the mood for something new. Here there is no "right" and no "wrong". From the experienced "wine expert" to the absolute beginner, everyone is picked up and approached equally.

Why should we take this class?

Because you taste beautiful wines and have a lovely evening with your team.

How is the event structured?

First 5 Minutes, I will give an introduction about me and my journey into the world of wine.
After that we will start our wine tasting with special wines like Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Chardonnay but not limited to.

I will go into specifics of grapes and what constitutes to different tastes for wine around the world. I. Beyond encrusted rituals and outdated wine knowledge, I will share with you secrets to smooth wine parquet

The whole event will be interactive so you can ask questions throughout the duration of the event.

Your host


Stephanie Döring

My name is Stephanie Döring.

I have always accompanied with wine on my professional path. Coming from top international gastronomy as a sommelière and travelling around the world on wine estates, I decided very early to give wine a new, appropriate narrative. By founding my company weinladen.de, I and my team are living the philospie "wine without dress code" on all channels.

The success of our work can be seen in the countless prizes and awards we have received, which confirm time and again that we are on the right track. As a Sommelère, it is my highest aspiration to be on equal footing with everyone involved with exceptional wines.

What to bring

Bring good vibes

Desire to learn something new

Your creativity and sense of adventure

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