The art of Design Thinking: Solving challenges effectively

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What You'll do

What’s this event all about?

Throughout your career you have most likely encountered product or service challenges to which you couldn’t find a proper solution. And even when you did some brainstorming and eventually came up with an approach that you considered as the best plan of action - how did you know whether or not the customer actually likes what you want to build?

Well, there is a scientifically proven way of tackling these kinds of challenges: Design Thinking. Here you will learn how to understand users, challenge assumptions, redefine problems and create innovative solutions to prototype and test.

In this event, I will introduce you to Design Thinking and lead you through the process with a practical exercise. In this way you will be learning while doing.

Who can take this class?

As this class is a first introduction into Design Thinking, beginners (people who know what Design Thinking is but haven’t really applied it much) and people with no experience at all will benefit the most from it. However, I am sure that also more advanced participants can take something out of my class.

​The only requirement is to be active, as this workshop highly depends on your level of participation.

Why should we take this class?

After this 90 minute session, you will be ready to:

​- Tell your colleagues what Design Thinking is and how it works
- Think and approach problems with a user-centred perspective
- Uncover the core problem behind a challenge
- Create Personas for your customers/users
- Use Design Thinking Methods to find creative solutions to problems
- Create simple prototypes
- Test your prototypes with your peers

How is the event structured?

The first 15 to 20 minutes are always reserved for getting to know each other through a little warm up session. Right after, I am outlining the most important theory behind Design Thinking and in the final part, we will all together work through the process by using a practical exercise.

In the end, there will also be some time for questions - also related to relevant challenges you are facing at work right now.

So what are you waiting for, let’s jump right in!

Your host


Fabian Wiktor

Hey, nice to meet you! I am Fabian and I will be your Design Thinking Coach here at Culturly.

During my career as an Innovation Consultant I have dealt with a truckload of Design challenges in all kinds of different industries. What makes me love giving workshops like this one here, is the fact that once you know how to apply the method and the process, you are ready to tackle basically every problem you encounter in a structured way and find creative solutions to even the most complex problems. Additionally, it’s exciting to observe how participants go from faces full of question marks all the way to pure excitement, when they discover that it actually works.

What to bring

Bring good vibes

Desire to learn something new

Your creativity and sense of adventure

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