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What You'll do

What’s this event all about?

I'm going to lead you through one of the foundational movements from The Egoscue Method (an effective method for healing chronic muscular pain). And then I'm going to take things further for you because my speciality is mixing and melding different methodologies for maximum benefit with minimal time outlay.

So, whilst you learn how your body should be aligned for maximum spinal relaxation and healing, I'm also going to layer on a simple body scan technique that will act as a dynamic meditation practice to calm your mind, reset your nervous system and diminish fatigue and feeling depleted.

Within 20-30 minutes, you can expect to feel refreshed and restored, and you'll enjoy the simplicity and effectiveness of this routine so much that you'll want to do it daily!

Who can take this class?

Anybody and everybody! This event is especially useful for those that spend their days hunched over their laptops and think to themselves, “I wonder why my back hurts”.

Why should we take this class?

There are 3 main reasons to join this class:
1. So that you can feel for yourself what it's like when you learn to literally let go and tap into profound well-being, relaxation and spaciousness that comes over your body and your mind when you finally feel your spine's natural curves.
2. Having worked closely with hundreds of people with chronic backaches and pain over the last 11 years, I want to restore your hope in your body's ability to heal itself with minimal intervention from doctors and surgeons.
3. And finally, everybody should have a daily meditation practice, but for so many, that feels overwhelming, and highly unappealing when they have so much else that they both want to do and have to do each day.

So by layering the mind-body element of this class onto a simple, easy-to-do, time-effective exercise routine, you'll be getting your daily dose of meditation in too! What more could you want?

How is the event structured?

You will enjoy a short introduction and context-setting chat from me, and then we'll go straight into the exercise for 10-15 minutes. At the end of our session, I'll happily take any question you may have to round out the event at the 20/30 minute mark.

Your host


Johdi Woodford

You can think of me as the Saint Anthony of your Body & Mind! (...But you can call me Johdi)

Saint Anthony is the Saint of Lost Things, and so, through an artful mixing and melding of methodologies, I help people to find their verve, vitality and va va voom! I can teach you how to cure your chronic muscular pain, break free from the clutches of your inner critic, and finally eat the foods you love free from weight gain and a guilty conscience!

My clients get long-lasting results in as little as 3-months and experience transformational change that is both a surprise and a delight to them. In fact, my clients use one word over and over to describe the results that they get with my events, and that word is MAGIC!

What to bring

Soft comfortable clothes ( remove any belts or shoes)

A chair, or stool, a soft mat or carpeted surface

A small pillow/cushion

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