How to Blitz Your Imposter Syndrome For Good

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What’s this event all about?

Is the imposter monster thwarting your career?
When you sit down to work, do you feel like a fraud? A sham? A fake-phoney swindler?
And do you feel the cold creep of anxiety every time you think about public speaking or presenting?

Don't panic... because ALL go-getters feel like this!

So if putting yourself out there feels like scraping your fingernails down an old blackboard, if you worry you're not up to scratch and if you just can't get past the nagging sensation that you're not worthy, you don't have what it takes, you don't deserve success, you're an outsider, you're out of your comfort zone, you're not an expert, or you're lacking something everyone else has… then keep reading -- because this session is just for you.

In this intensive 90-minute masterclass I, Kirsty Hulse, a world-leading confidence coach and motivational speaker, will share my perspective-shifting strategies for professionals with imposter syndrome.

Who can take this class?

Literally anyone! There are no limitations when it comes to who can benefit from this class.

Why should we take this class?

By the end of this training you'll come away with:

Practical tools and techniques you can apply in those moments when your imposter syndrome is giving you a hard time.
Proven strategies to soften fear in the moment
Motivation and understanding that you can finally be seen, heard and reach your earning potential
Your niggling questions answered by an industry-leading expert
Your self-doubt smashed to smithereens and an ingrained sense of optimism that, YES! you can really do this.

How is the event structured?

It's a mixture of lecture-style talking, group discussion and one on one reflection, typically ran in a meeting room in the video conferencing tool of your choice.

Your host


Kirsty Hulse

Hey - I’m Kirsty. I am a motivational speaker by trade, so my events are educational and inspiring. I have a corporate background having run and sold a 70-person global marketing agency so I deeply understand the challenges so many of us can face, especially when working remotely.

What to bring

Pen and paper

An open mind

Motivation to better yourself

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