Meditation Class: Calm your mind, relieve stress and breath correctly

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What’s this event all about?

Ever wondered why everyone’s talking about meditation and why it has become such a big thing? Join me on this one hour zoom session and you’ll learn all you have to know about meditation and why it's important. Try it for yourself and build your own meditation practice.

Who can take this class?

This meditation class is for beginners but also for those of you who already have a meditation practice and want to take it to the next level.

Why should we take this class?

The goal of this one hour session is to give you all the tools and information you need, to build your own meditation practice and stay motivated so that you can start to benefit from more mindfulness in all areas of your life. Common benefits of meditation are:

- Feeling calm and less stressed
- More balance and focus
- Being more productive
- Building patience and empathy
- Becoming enlightened 😉

What will we learn in this class?

- Get to know my favourite meditation technique
- The origin of meditation and even a little bit of sanskrit (ancient language)
- Yogic breathing exercises to instantly reduce stress and feel calm
- A live guided meditation with me
- How to build a meditation practice - all your questions answered

How is the event structured?

I start with a brief introduction (1-2 minutes) about myself and why I entered the world of meditation before I teach you basic things about this type of meditation / breathing and how it will help us in our everyday life (5 minutes). The meditation class itself is the main part and takes around 40 minutes. To round it up, we end with a 10-15 minute Q&A where we all share our experience and how it felt to breath this way.

Your host


jannick apitz


my name is Jannick and I meditate since 2014. I’ve always been a rational person and wouldn’t believe anything I was told until it was scientifically proven to me. Meditation was a practice that I associated with spiritual nonsense. Then I discovered the scientifically proven benefits of meditation and gave it a shot. After my first rough months of meditating I slowly started to feel the positive effects in my everyday life and became fascinated with the things meditation and the growing of mindfulness were able to teach me about my relations to thoughts and feelings, my degree of happiness and ultimately even the sense of self. So I made a decision. Exploring consciousness should become my main concern in life and I enjoy sharing the insights that I’m gaining on my journey to the fullest. I studied Yoga at a university in California and just recently started to create content about the benefits of meditation, yoga and raising humans & level of consciousness.

Check my YouTube Channel selbsterkannt if you want to follow me on that journey!

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