Reconnecting mind and body with certified Hatha Yoga Teacher

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What’s this event all about?

Life is about balance… or finding balance, right? Well, that’s what yoga is all about. In this class you will learn how to connect your mind with your body. This will give you the ultimate balance.

The brain is directly connected to the nervous system of our body. Stress for the brain means stress for the body and vice versa. However, along the way we have unlearned the intuitive understanding on how this important connection works and we stopped listening to the signs that our mind and body are sending out. Sometimes we even ignore them, which then leads to mental and physical problems.

In this class I will teach you how Yoga can help you to develop and maintain a healthy state of mind and body by giving you all the tools and techniques that are specifically developed to prevent or heal any discomfort of mind and body. Such state will help you increase your everyday performance and maximise your physical and mental potential.

Who can take this class?

Everybody - from men to women and young to old. I will adapt the class
to your individual level of experience - that also works for whole groups;
not a problem at all.

Why should we take this class?

This class is not about teaching you how to fold yourself into a pretzel but how simple body postures, the right breathing techniques and stillness of the mind will help you create a happier and healthier life.

All participants will surely feel more relaxed, balanced and calm after the course. This increases productivity as well as efficiency and enables a sustainable approach to the work life in our fast paced digital environment.

How is the event structured?

Let's start with a 5 minute warm up and introduction, followed by a 50 minute yoga class, and a 5 minute silent meditation and goodbye.

Your host


Karolina Pogo


​Hi my name is Karolina and I am a Yoga Instructor. I love sharing my passion for yoga and its benefits not just for flexible people but for everyone.

I have been practising yoga since 2008 and working as a certified Yoga instructor since 2015. Throughout the years I have gained a lot from my journey with yoga today, I simply want to give back and share how anyone can gain a healthier and more balanced life through Yoga.

What to bring

Bring good vibes

Desire to learn something new

Your creativity and sense of adventure

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