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What’s this event all about?

What does your favorite food taste like? How do you describe the sound of ocean waves to a deaf person? Which senses do you attract with your Marketing campaign? And how do you integrate mindfulness into your daily life? These questions may sound simple, but in fact, we often forget about our senses beyond eyesight.​

The past few months have challenged us emotionally and mentally: uncertainties, working from home, lack of social contact, social media overdose, and many more. Simultaneously, we’re opening up and realise how well we can perform with a healthy mind.

Personally, I haven’t always been mindful, and I was overwhelmed by the amount of techniques, podcasts and books I could find on the market. I couldn’t find suitable techniques on how to integrate mindfulness into my everyday life, simply by focusing on HOW rather than WHAT I experience. Hence, I founded my own mental health start-up.

Join our 5 senses journey – be mindful, experience differently.

Who can take this class?

Are you looking for some inspiration and easy techniques to be more mindful, are you’re open to experience your everyday life from a different perspective, do you want to make wonderful memories with your team, and are you seeking some self-growth and a healthy state of mind? Then this class is for you!

Why should we take this class?

The recent months have been challenging enough, let’s focus on more positivity and empowerment. This event will inspire you and your team members to change your perception and to become more aware of your senses. It will teach you simple techniques to become more mindful and self-aware in your everyday life.

How is the event structured?

To create an intimate and trusted circle, we begin with a short introduction round. We take some deep breaths together to get comfortable and clear our minds. ​

Instead of holding long keynote speeches, I invite you to become an active part of this class. I will share with you some topic-related insights and trends, but we will mostly participate in exercise together. Simply sit back and enjoy the journey through your senses.

Our open discussion finishes with some tips and guidance on how to integrate mindfulness into your routine and I will leave some time for further questions.

Your host


Katharina Mueller

Moin! I’m so excited you are here. I am Katharina, originally from Germany but the world is my home. I have lived on five different continents, worked for Montblanc and UN and volunteered in Africa. My own experience shows me how important a healthy mindset is and how easy it can be to forget about mindfulness in our everyday lives.

My greatest joy is empowering others and I’m very excited to work with you. As the founder of the mental health start-up “5 Senses Journey”, I understand how to combine mindfulness, awareness for our senses, joy and entertainment.

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Your creativity and sense of adventure

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