Certified Mindfulness Coach: How to reduce stress in the digital age

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What You'll do

What’s this event all about?

Join me on my course “Mindful Leadership - to lead oneself and others mindfully in extreme situations” for an inspirational journey with a lot of helpful tools in only 45 Minutes.

The interactive workshop helps you to

- Understand how stress develops
- Outlines your options on how to respond to stress effectively
- Teaches you how to see challenges as an opportunity for growth
- Explains how mindfulness serves as a mental support
- Covers mental health and its relation with long term success - both in a business and in a personal context.

Moreover, I will give you exercises on hand to improve your calmness and your productivity - especially suitable to be working from home.

Who can take this class?

Truly everybody. However, there should be a willingness to work one oneself.

Why should we take this class?

In times of uncertainty, rush and overstimulation it can be hard to stay calm and be a good leader - both for oneself and others. Nowadays it is more important than ever to take care of your own state of being.

How is the event structured?

A brief introduction of approx. 15 minutes will serve us perfectly. Here we go into details of who I am, what my daily work looks like, why I am passionate about mindfulness and also, you get the chance to tell me about how you practice mindfulness in professional (and personal) life. Then, we go on to the main part (35 minutes), where I share tips, tricks and some theory behind mindfulness and mindful leadership. At the very end, we have around 10 minutes to wrap it up with a Question and Answer session.

Your host


Larissa Weiss

my name is Larissa and I am a business psychologist and systemic coach. I used to work in various international companies in the field of management qualification and mindful leadership.

Last year, I founded "Generation MIND" - a podcast and coaching company with international workshops and lectures on mindfulness in different contexts. I love to share experiences and knowledge - both combined: current scientific findings and practical tools.

Get to know and experience mindfulness in a special way! I'm looking forward to e-meet you!

What to bring

Bring good vibes

Desire to learn something new

Your creativity and sense of adventure

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