How to have efficient communication - Basics of Nonviolent Communication

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What’s this event all about?

Poor communication with ourselves, conversely, also means poor communication with others. We all know that we aren’t at our best with family, friends and colleagues when we are having internal conflicts ourselves. Often, conflicts that seem inevitable are only a consequence of our violent and/or ineffective communication.

In today's fast-paced world, effective nonviolent communication is key to success; for individuals as well as for organizations. A simple tool box has the power to connect us all in a respectful manner - no matter what origin, culture, social class or rank within an enterprise. Learning and applying NVC ensures a clear, open, peaceful, creative, motivated cooperation on all levels.

Who can take this class?

Anyone who is curious to take their relationships with their colleagues as well as with themselves on a new level. The event only requires the willingness to participate.

Why should we take this class?

Together we will go through the basics of nonviolent communication. This also entails the theory behind how teamwork is dependent on effective communication and what has to be done in order to foster innovation within an organization.

On a micro level, you will learn what it means to connect with yourself and with your colleagues. Nonviolent communication requires a comfortable, trusting environment where potential of all individuals can unfold - we will create such an environment.

How is the event structured?

This event is all about an introduction to NVC. After some theory, we will go right into the practical implementation. Here, I will be leading you as a group through various experiences that will make you more secure when it comes to the application of effective communication tools.

In the end, we will have some time for questions and if you wish to continue with more advanced NVC courses, I am more than happy to accompany you throughout this process with topics such as: The art of feedback, setting healthy boundaries, communicating problems, asking vs. demanding and finding consensus instead of compromise.

Your host


Lena wendt

Hi, my name is Lena. I am a people person who spent her her whole life studying the art of communication. Working as a journalist and coach, my personal breakthrough came with learning about Non-Violent-Communication. It fascinated me so much that I immediately chose to get a degree for it.

To me it is the single most effective tool to turn conflicts into an understanding and respectful connection. It’s all about seeing solutions rather than problems and I can’t wait to go through this process together with you.

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