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What’s this event all about?

The future requires leaders to build trust virtually – with our teams and customers, and with other experts, thought leaders, and stakeholders. In a world that is continuously becoming more dependent on technology, being able to manage these different platforms we have available to us is important. Leaders are struggling with managing teams over virtual means and recognizing the significance of utilizing a platform such as LinkedIn.

Through this class, you will increase understanding of your own strengths, expertise, and showcase yourself to the best of your ability so you can represent yourself and your business to increase brand recognition. You will become the leader for industry insights, business exposure, and unlock the potential of LinkedIn.

Participants will leave this event feeling confident:
- To build networks
- To connect with clients
- To lead innovation
- To create collaboration

Who can take this class?

As this class is an introduction to Personal Branding on LinkedIn it’s perfect for those that are starting the journey or are already active and want to increase engagement. Companies that are looking to strengthen their online presence are highly recommended to join me in this workshop.

The only requirement is to have opened your LinkedIn account and be ready to use it. This workshop highly depends on your level of participation.

Why should we take this class?

You will learn how to increase your thought leadership position both internally and externally to your company.

We will run through the basics of:
- creating a personal brand through your profile
- how to create content that’s relevant
- increase exposure through the network effect in collaboration with your colleagues

This workshop includes worksheets, best practices, and downloads to prepare you for engagement.

How is the event structured?

We will start with a 15-minute overview of who I am, my background and some basic information about LinkedIn and its usefulness. The remaining 45 minutes will consist of “how-to” demonstrations and I will be answering any and all questions you might have.

Your host



Hiya, my name is Raj and with over 25 years of corporate experience and 5 years as an entrepreneur, I have coached leaders and teams at all levels of experience. I know how to help you unlock your potential and how to utilize LinkedIn as a tool to reach goals you thought impossible. I believe that I succeed when I can help you succeed - so let’s do this together.

What to bring

A hunger for learning

Your LinkedIn account set up and ready to go

Good vibes

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