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What’s this event all about?

The first half of the show will be all about "Mind-control," a show where you and your colleagues will be left wondering if I can truly control your mind. After the show, I will teach you all about how elevator pitches and alliterations are a key element of hypnotic marketing.

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Who can take this class?

Everyone. This experience is perfect for corporate events, internal marketing groups, and C-level executives.

Why should we take this class?

Learn magic and also the tip, tools, and techniques that I have personally used to garner massive PR for myself and the companies I represent. Plus, who doesn’t love to be amazed and entertained by a little magic?

How is the event structured?

This experience is for 30 minutes long. In the first half, I will be entertaining you with my signature show ‘Magic of the Mind’. After the show, I’ll share entrepreneurial and marketing secrets including the art of creating a powerful elevator pitch and story.

Your host


Dan Chan

Hi there- I’m Dan. I was featured on the Hustle, Buzzfeed, the Business of Business, and the Voyage LA. In 2020 I was featured on both CNBC and Business Insider twice! I was a pre-IPO PayPal employee who gave up 3/4 of his stock options to pursue his passion - performing magic.

What to bring

An open mind

A Book (any book from your shelf will do!)

A deck of playing cards

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