Magic Secrets Revealed with Paul Megram


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What You'll do

What’s this event all about?

Following a demonstration of close-up magic, I will be performing a mind-blowing trick that is sure to leave you guessing. I then proceed to reveal the ’secret’ behind it so that you too, can amaze your friends and colleagues before answering any questions you may have. I repeat the same procedure for multiple tricks so that you leave the event with a handful of new and amazing tricks. The idea behind this event is for the participants to not only be entertained but also to be able to replicate the tricks.

Who can take this class?

There are no specific limitations to this class. Any adult can attend as long as the spark is there and the willingness to learn something new. I am also happy to adapt my show for younger audiences.

Why should we take this class?

Anyone who is in need of a break from their demanding lifestyles or is simply interested in looking to learn more about the art of magic would benefit from this class. I teach you simple but astonishing magic effect to wow your friends.

How is the event structured?

The format is simple: Each magic trick is performed before the 'secrets' are revealed. Following any questions and variations that there are, we move on to the next trick.

Your host


Paul Megram

Hello! My name is Paul, I am a member of the Magic Circle and was awarded the British Magical Champion. My relaxed style of teaching is sure to put you and your colleagues at ease in seconds. Over my years as a magician, I have acquired a wealth of knowledge, an easy-going manner and am delighted to give you the opportunity to take away these unique effects to perform for friends & family at a later date.

What to bring

A willingness to learn something new

An open mind and interest in magic

A pack of cards to hand might be a help but certainly not essential.

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