How to mix amazing cocktails with Gin with famous Ginfluencer

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What You'll do

What’s this event all about?

Within one hour, you will learn about the background of gin and its history, some fun facts about it and - most importantly - how to mix and enjoy it properly. After a brief introduction to the world of gin, you will create two delicious gin cocktails with just a few ingredients. You don’t need to be a bartender to master these, in fact you don’t even need proper bar equipment. We will make something extraordinary out of the very ordinary stuff we all have at home.

Who can take this class?

Absolutely everybody. Whether you want to learn about bartending, gin or just want to have a good time drinking some good drinks, you’re welcome to join! You’re pregnant or not allowed to drink any alcohol? Don’t worry, we will teach you some great alternatives to water and juice, too!

Why should we take this class?

If you want to impress your friends or colleagues during the next get-together or even host your fist own cocktail party, this your chance to start off. Zero experience in bartending? No problem at all! After the event you will be able to serve those around you really decent drinks and even impress with some knowledge beyond the texts written on the bottles’ labels.

How is the event structured?

I am starting off by telling you a bit about myself and why I tapped into the world of Gin. This introduction takes around 5 minutes. Afterwards, We play an interactive quiz where I ask some questions about Gin before we go into the mixing itself. This main part takes 45 minutes. The last 10 minutes are there to chat, exchange ideas and of course, also a Q&A.

Your host


maurius schirmer


I’m Marius and I’m the face behind “@Ginfluencers”. Ginfluencers? Yes, that’s no typo. It’s Germany’s largest instagram-account that focuses on gin and gin only. Feel free to check it out ;-)

My (gin) journey started more than a decade ago and it has since become more than a hobby for me. Besides reviewing gin and creating digital content for some of the largest spirits brands out there, I like to host gin tastings and events, (virtual) get-togethers or simply invite friends over for some good drinks. I have no bartending background, neither am a professional photographer. Yet I can proudly say that all I do is self-taught and ready to be passed on to you, as well! I’m looking forward to getting to know you.

Let’s enjoy some gin cocktails together!

What to bring

A gin! Really any gin works, however the less “flavored” it is, the better (ie a Tanqueray would be preferable over a Handrick's)

Something to shake drinks in (a cocktail shaker, seasoning shaker, tupperware, ...) and something to measure liquids in (a shot glass will work)

2 glasses & ice cubes (no crushed ice!), lemon juice and lime juice, some fresh mint and sugar syrup (simple dissolve 1 part sugar in 1 part hot water… or by the syrup in your local supermarket)

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