Mindful Eating For Busy People

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What’s this event all about?

Join me in this 60-minute Masterclass - “Mindful Eating For Busy People "- helping you to understand how you can bring balance back into your relationship with your hunger, your food and so that you can create a new level of health for your body and mind.

In this masterclass you will:
- Understand your hunger
- Discover what you are hungry for - Is it physical or mental?
- Uncover some of your hidden behaviours around food
- Find out what mindful eating is and why it is such a powerful tool for your physical and mental health
- Be taught how to eat mindfully - step by step
- Walk away with a new understanding of how you can improve your health and wellness

Who can take this class?

Everyone who would like to take their health to the next level, but feel like they never have the time to really focus on this.

Why should we take this class?

We all live in such a busy world and more often than not we leave our health, wellness and waistline on the back burner! We spend our time looking after everyone and everything else and put ourselves in the too hard basket.

When we take the time for self-care and learn strategies and tools that are going to promote vibrant health then we're empowered to take the next steps for a better version of ourselves.

Now is an important time to do exactly that! I help my clients...
- Positively and permanently change their mindset
- Release those negative emotions and limiting beliefs that they may not even realise are constantly weighing then down.
- Change the way they think about foods while healing their relationship with food, their body and self-esteem.
- Change nasty habits and cravings which keep them where you are, plus a whole lot more!

How is the event structured?

This Masterclass is easily digestible!
There will be a brief introduction, I will then deliver the masterclass with invited interaction. At the end, there will be time for a personal Q&A session.

Your host


Caroline Silk

My name is Caroline Silk and I am a Mindset Nutritionist!

I’ve been working with busy professionals for over 13 years, who are amazing and successful in what they do – whether it’s their career, their passions or family – and they do it well.

However, the one thing they’re leaving behind is… the most important…themselves. Their health, wellness and often their waistline. And that is where I come in! I can help you achieve a happier, healthier, slimmer, and more energised version of yourself.

I love what I do and I look forward to sharing this class with you very soon.

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An Open Mind!

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