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What’s this event all about?

The world becomes noisier, faster and more complex everyday. Our attention is the most valuable product and companies increasingly fight to be recognised, loved and cherished by new customers. This task of standing out of the noise it’s even more tricky when it comes to the younger crowd - Generation Z.

With different values, interests and go-to-platforms such as TikTok, Triller and Twitch, brands need to constantly evolve, learn and most importantly: be close to this highly potential generation. I can help you with that!

My name is Neil Heinisch, I am 17 years old and the founder of the successful Generation Z marketing agency PlayTheHype. I know what works on TikTok and what doesn’t, I know why Fridays For Future is such a success and why other missions fail, and I most certainly can explain to you what the typical GenZ user looks like and how to communicate to them. Your brand will thank you for it.

Who can take this class?

Any company - doesn’t matter if B2B or B2C - has to be dynamic and close to the trends, in order to stay competitive in the long run. The Generation Z of today are the next talents on the labour market of tomorrow - so better learn their language.

Why should we take this class?

This event will give you an introduction in the world of Gen Z marketing, branding and communication. You will learn how to:

- Think like a GenZ
- Communicate to the GenZ on one level
- Reach the GenZ on their native media channels
- Convince a GenZ to buy your product, trust your brand or join your workforce

How is the event structured?

This 60 minute online event is an interactive keynote consisting of 3 main points:

- 10 Minute Introduction
- 30 Minute Interactive Keynote
- 20 Minute Question and Answer including a case study

Your host


Neil Heinisch

Hey, my name is Neil,

I am 17 years old, from Hamburg and the Co-Founder of PlayTheHype. With PlayTheHype we help other Agencies, Companies and organisations to understand and reach our Generation through the different channels. I love the exchange with others and sharing my knowhow and views.

What to bring

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Your creativity and sense of adventure

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