ENGAGING & INTERACTIVE Magic and Mystery Show


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45-60 min

Group Size

5-30 people

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What You'll do

What’s this event all about?

In this event I will show you some excellent magic techniques. This event is about learning concepts, techniques, and thought processes magicians use while performing magic. I will also teach you, how to read minds and persuade other (which can be helpful in corporate world as well!).

This event is about making the impossible, possible. What thought processes, tactics, and tips do we use that can help you to improve sales, create new ideas and products

I will connect with you, by using suggestion, telepathy, psychometry, and other magical techniques to mystify you.

Who can take this class?

Everyone, who wants to get thrilled.

Why should we take this class?

You should take this class because I will help you and your business grow. You will become more creative, expand your thinking, and increase sales with the techniques and theories of a magicians.

How is the event structured?

I begin the event though a brief personal introduction of around 10 minutes and make a connection between the magic I am going to show and your company.

Then I show you magic techniques for next 50 minutes and the theory behind them and how they are performed.

It will be an interactive session, so you can ask questions during the magic.

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Your host


nolan webster


I am Nolan Webester. I had a unique journey of bartending, military service, dj'ing, street performing, restaurant magic, and an MBA has led me to stand in front of you and your guests and provide an extraordinary show full of Magical Curiosities.

I will connect with your audience by using suggestion, telepathy, psychometry, and other techniques to mystify them. I can entertain your guests close up or from the stage, perfect for any event or venue.

What to bring

Deck of cards (Optional)

Desire for learning new magic tricks

Pencil or Pen x 1 (Optional)

How to participate

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