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What’s this event all about?

Surely, you've encountered the term User Experience or UX before. Maybe you even know that it's somehow important for the success of any product and that there are people out there calling themselves UX designers. But could you explain to someone what UX even means and what it's all about? What about the difference between UX and Usability? That's where it gets tricky, right?

Way too many people we've met think UX means something like creating visual designs like user interfaces (UI) or overall mockups. Well, that's a part of what UX-Designers or Product Designers do, but that's not UX.

In this course, you'll learn what the term actually means, how it differs from usability (or that usability is actually part of UX) and how you can use it to your advantage. I'll explain to you how you'll manage to create a user-centred product that your user will love.

Who can take this class?

In this class we will focus on the very basics of user centred design. Therefore, it is a beginner class, which is well suited for anyone interested in this topic. Specialised UX designers are probably familiar with the methodology, but are welcome to spice up our discussions.

Why should we take this class?

After this 90 minute course, you will be able to:

- Know how to create a product that matters and is of value to your users
- Tell anyone why focussing on users is the most important thing for the success of a product
- Why every product should be optimised for a specific group of users (yes, every product) and how to achieve that.
- What User Experience is (obviously) and how it differs from Usability
- What UX designers or product designers do all day and why you should listen to them

How is the event structured?

First, we'll get to know each other. Afterwards I'll give a short introduction to User Experience and explain how to shape it in the desired way. Every now and then I'll leave time for your questions and discussions. Also, I'd like to share some of my real life experiences and learnings, working with these methods. Because one thing I've learnt so far: Knowing theory is one thing, using it on the other hand... that's another pair of shoes.

Your host


Raffael Kaminski

Hi, my name is Raffael Kaminski. I'll be your User Experience specialist for your event at Culturly.

I'm founder and CEO of UXEDO, a mostly remote organised user experience design agency from Koblenz, Germany. We enable our clients to create products that are useful and joyful. Our daily business consists of concepting and designing digital products and in providing usability consultation for our clients.

During my career, I've worked with several product teams and managed my own. Developing digital products can be very challenging, as its success typically relies on the work of several people. Communication, as well as understanding the goal of a product, seems to be key for keeping everything in sync.

In our opinion, a product only deserves to exist, if it solves a problem for a specific group of users. Shaping the experience for those users - that is our passion. With workshops like this one, I want to boost you in the direction of becoming passionate about your users and customers.

What to bring

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Your creativity and sense of adventure

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