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What You'll do

What’s this event all about?

If you have back pain, sit in a chair all day or have a wrong posture, this is the right class for you!

A series of exercises strengthening the back and core muscles, relieving back pain, and preventing spinal injuries. The session is suitable for people experiencing back pain or wanting to prevent any future injuries. We will also work on relaxing the muscles and improving the flexibility.

In order to improve the condition of your body and muscles, it is important to regularly do exercises. The lack of exercises leads to the replacement of muscle cell volume with nonfunctional connective tissue, which causes various problems with the advancing age.

Learn how to efficiently improve your condition and prevent issues in the future. Moreover, gain an awareness for the correct posture and find out the best methods to deal with office work requiring long sitting hours.

Who can take this class?

People who want to improve their posture and back health.

Why should we take this class?

I will give you the tools needed to recognize your posture condition and improve it.

How is the event structured?

There are three major techniques included in this workshop, which will blend in a holistic way:

- Anatomy information, which will make you understand your body better.
- Tips and tricks to include in your work day in order to feel better.
- Exercises that will strengthen your muscles and improve your condition.

Your host


Sofiya Marinova


I am Sofiya - a certified exercise trainer and Franklin Method® fascia trainer for the lower back.

My mission is to improve your posture and self-confidence, strengthen your muscles, and help you find your way to a better lifestyle. I create a safe learning environment where we will analyze your bad posture habits and learn to not only improve your state but also fix your condition.

I am looking forward to meeting you!

What to bring

A mat

Comfortable Clothes

Desire to fix your posture

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