Strategies for Emotion-filled Racial Discourse in Work Settings

Diversity & Inclusion

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What You'll do

What’s this event all about?

Well-meaning intentions do not always result in good outcomes. Critical feedback on topics related to discrimination and privilege often rile up emotions.
- How do we deal with emotions around issues like racism in the workplace?
- How do our emotional responses impact our ability to act justly?
- How do we use knowledge about ourselves, others and the world to critique and adjust our own actions?
- How attentive are we to social dynamics that frame our interactions?
- Furthermore, how do we support and learn from each other?
Together we will explore these and many other questions surrounding the role of emotions in racial discourse in the workplace.

Who can take this class?

This course is open to all those that are interested in creating more diverse and inclusive spaces. It is also for those interested in critical self-reflection on the role of race in the workplace. HR professionals, mediators, and other professionals who regularly interact with broad cross-sections of the organization should be required to take this course to manage a diverse workforce effectively.

Why should we take this class?

You should take this course to increase efficacy in handling emotionally charged racial discourse. With this course's frameworks, you will push your workplace towards more effective diversity and inclusion policies. In doing so, you will be making a safer space for people to express and deal with emotions related to racism.

How is the event structured?

After a short introduction, we will use examples to explore the intersection of racial discourse and emotions. In doing so, we will not reproduce racism but instead evaluate it as close to real-life as possible. We will then participate in a group exercise to reinforce our understanding of how racial discourse and emotion are linked in the workplace. After that, we will return for discussion and input on effective emotional management strategies. Then, we will wrap up with a Q&A section.
Event Outline:
- Introduction
- Racial Discourse & Emotion
- Group Work
- Discussion
- Strategies
- Conclusion
- Q&A

Your host


Angelo Camufingo

Hi, my name is Angelo. I am a German-Angolan anti-racism and education speaker, consultant, trainer, and social justice activist. My research focuses on marginalised realities in educational environments; de/anti-colonial teaching; anti-discriminatory education; and power structures, knowledge, emotions, and colonial continuities. I am a very open and calm person with a passion for social justice, lively discussions, and knowledge sharing. I have hosted many workshops, training sessions, discussions and lectures and am well-versed in conflict mediation and effective communication.

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