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What You'll do

What’s this event all about?

Come together as a team to solve an Escape game and let me accompany your journey. Combined with my professional coaching, you can professionalise as a team.
The event mixes fun, bonding, reflection and team development into one and provides you with expert tips to strengthen your team.

By playing the game together, you can quickly recognise the behaviour and dynamics of the group, as they are also shown in the common everyday work, and in the coaching together, you can make them more efficient and team-oriented.

Afterwards, you and your team participate in an online workshop where I help you to find new perspectives and approaches to your teamwork. The aim is to promote the strengths of the team and the individual team members to become stronger as a group.

Who can take this class?

Anyone can join in on this event. Teams are particularly welcome, as I focus on a fun way to bond and develop both individually and as a team.

Why should we take this class?

The aim of my event is to bring your team closer together and through a fun activity that involves strategy and encourages teamwork. Through the use of a fun Escape Game, you will get to know each other better and develop a sense of.

This event will also make you think about your individual responsibility when forming part of a team and the implications for successful cooperation. Participants will leave the event having identified their strengths and weaknesses as a group. Using what we have learnt from the game and discussion, we will design a “plan” together that will allow their teams to achieve their long-term goals.

How is the event structured?

The event will start off with a friendly Escape Game that I will observe. This will then be followed by an interactive workshop where participants can reflect on the game and discuss communication and teamwork.

Your host


Lioba Eich

Welcome! I’m Lioba Eich and I am a business psychologist (Master of Science), author & lecturer for corporate culture and social psychology.
I have been a coach for more than four years with a focus on team development, executive coaching and corporate culture. I have worked with a wide range of clients from day-care centres to the Daimler group.

My working method is based on the systemic principles and approaches of positive psychology. I work with teams to foster cooperation, communication and help them meet their goals.

What to bring

Bring good vibes

A strategic mindset

The desire to experience something new

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