The Silicon Valley myth - What really matters, Who survives and What's next?

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What’s this event all about?

European companies look to Silicon Valley as they reformulate their mission to become more purpose-driven. Silicon Valley is going through its own re-evaluation about how innovation and technology will drive the future.

In this talk, I will answer the following questions:
- How a real Silicon Valley mindset becomes the engine of your innovation culture and why it often looks different than expected
- What is really behind the success factors of Silicon Valley and why the ecosystem for innovation needs far more than just ideas and money
- How to use the most effective strategies for your company at the interface of technology and business and how to help shape the future

Who can take this class?

This class is not specific to anyone. If you are interested in learning more about Silicon Valley and want to know more about its myths, then this is the class for you.

Why should we take this class?

This class will not only give you insights into the success of companies in Silicon Valley but also allow you to better understand what makes them succeed and how those strategies can be applied to your company.

How is the event structured?

This will be a 30-minute presentation where I present you with information and bust some myths that you may have been lead to believe about Silicon Valley.

Your host


Christoph Burkhardt

Hey, my name Christoph Burkhardt and I am an innovation expert who implements the strategies I have talked about on various platforms. After seven years with headquarters in Silicon Valley, I know the difference between companies whose ideas are changing the world and those you’ll never hear about. After studying at the London School of Economics with a master's thesis at Google, I became the co-founder of the think tank TinyBox, which provides global players such as Deutsche Bank, Intel, SAP, BMW, Allianz, and Merck with technology insider knowledge and strategy know-how. With my unclouded sense of future strategies, I have been CEO of OneLife, a high-tech spin-off of a German medium-sized company, since 2019 and am establishing the future brand as a global innovation driver. I commute between Cologne, San Francisco, and Shanghai.

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Good vibes

An open mind

The drive to learn something new

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