The Stay Home Scavenger Hunt


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60 min

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What You'll do

What’s this event all about?

The Stay Home Holiday Hunt is a unique live event -- a game show crossed with an escape room crossed with an outrageous conference call -- all from the comfort of your home. Rack your brain as your host challenges you to solve festive puzzles by tracking down common (and not-so-common) items from around your own home. Race against the clock to collect clues and work with your teammates to finish the game! You'll tackle a variety of puzzles ranging from word games to trivia, all with an at-home twist.

Who can take this class?

Our hunts are suitable for all ages and can be customised to include topics that appeal to you and your group. We offer a diversity of puzzles so that everyone has a chance to shine. Note that many of the games involve wordplay, so for those games, proficiency in English will be helpful, if not necessary.

Why should we take this class?

When you play games with us, you'll discover just how much you already know. Surprise yourself by solving riddles and clues using the power of your brain! And when you're done finding all the items we ask for, you might also realise that you need to get organised.

How is the event structured?

Get ready for an hour of fun and entertainments. Hunts are made up of a variety of puzzles and games, usually, about 6-7 per event, that last about 8-10 minutes each. Every time you complete one, you'll move on to the next!

Your host


Brandon Oropallo

Hey - I’m Brandon and I’ll be your hunt host. I will act as your guide, a judge, and a comedian all at once. My role in the game is to offer directions, hints, and a lot of dad jokes, I’m sure to keep your event lively and fun! I look forward to meeting you and getting this party started.

What to bring

Pen and paper

High energy levels

Headphones are fine, but remember that you'll frequently be getting up from your computer.

How to participate

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