Tools for Maximizing Time and Energy

Building Remote Working Skills

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What’s this event all about?

Leveraging the 24 hours we have in the day and remaining anxiety-free is difficult for many, especially during a time of virtual remote working. Learn about tools to increase energy and efficiency in your life immediately.

Together we will go through various tools including overviews and worksheets for:
- Pareto principle
- Urgent/Importance Matrix
- Circle of Concern vs. Circle of Influence

Increase your ability to prioritize, delegate, and create a perspective as you adapt to your team dynamics and team interactions in the Future of Work.

Who can take this class?

This class is for everyone and anyone. Even if you are familiar with the tools it is a good idea to get a refresh on the concepts and use them to ensure you are reducing stress! Gaining control of your time is an art everyone should learn to master.

Why should we take this class?

Learning how to maximise your time and energy can really push you to the next level. With this class, you will get a better view of how to prioritize your tasks, which ones to delegate or remove, and how to structure your day so you feel in control of your own time again.

How is the event structured?

5-minute introduction of who I am and what this event is all about
5-minute overview of 1st tool
10-minute questions and discussion session
5-minute overview of 2nd tool
10-minute questions and discussion
5-minute introduction and overview of 3rd tool
20-minute questions and discussion

Your host



Hiya, my name is Raj and with over 25 years of corporate experience and 5 years as an entrepreneur, I have coached leaders and teams at all levels of experience. I know how to help you unlock your potential and how to utilize LinkedIn as a tool to reach goals you thought impossible. I believe that I succeed when I can help you succeed - so let’s do this together.

What to bring

A can-do attitude

Good vibes

Desire to better yourself

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