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75 min

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Up to 30

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What You'll do

What’s this event all about?

As a memory trainer, edutainer and systemic coach, I teach the world's oldest memory method in an entertaining and humorous way using the "loci method", which is universally applicable and can be overwritten. With this, immediate tips and impulses for a healthy work culture and creative, concentrated and healthy teamwork.

Who can take this class?

Anyone who wants input on creativity, memory, focus, productivity, fun and mental relaxation!

Why should we take this class?

Without "bigger, better, faster more" to a focused, relaxed and creative mind and relaxed team culture: Our best app is our own brain! Sometimes we just have to (re)activate the body's own resources.

How is the event structured?

The event will start with a 10-minute introduction followed by a 60-minute workshop and finally ending with a 5-minute Q&A session.

Your host


Lena Wittneben

Hey there! I’m Lena Wittneben - a systemic coach & edutainer, memory trainer and media specialist & marketing consultant from Hamburg.

Expert for more success & balance WITHOUT self-optimisation mania & without chakka attitude. Credo: "Working time is living time" and "There is a crack in everything. And that is how the light gets in." (Leonard Cohen)

Whether in the podcast, as a capital.de and GQ columnist, XING insider or speaker & coach behind company walls or on conference stages: I feel a deep sense of purpose to empower people with humour and joy, to accompany them and to create genuine encounters.

What to bring

A good mood

Openness to learning new things

Pen and paper (Optional)

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