Virtual Team-Event at the Poker Table


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150 min

Group Size


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English, German

What You'll do

What’s this event all about?

Are you looking for a new way to experience something special as a team in virtual space? Something that boosts the motivation, cohesion, and enthusiasm in your team?


Step into the fascinating world of cards and chips, risks and opportunities, players and people. Learn about yourself and the people on your team and grow together under the safe guidance of a former poker professional and business trainer.

In addition, get ready to pick up impulses on topics such as decision-making, dealing with uncertainty, and risk-taking. Impulses from which you will benefit not only in poker but especially in business and life. And above all: have fun!

Wrapped into little stories and anecdotes. Combined with sound effects, music, and surprising graphic elements. All with one goal in mind. Open the doors to an intense experience as a team packed with (inter)action that will boost your energy level and stick to your memory for a long time! And that's not a bluff!

Who can take this class?

Everybody. Poker experience is absolutely not needed. In fact, learning the game is part of this event!

Why should we take this class?

- Dive into a fun and exciting experience at the poker table. This event gives you a realistic feeling that you are sitting at a real poker table, streaming the cards straight to your smartphone and guidance by a former poker pro.
- Maximum interaction thanks to the format of playing in teams plus the nature of the game and the moderation of the event.
- Tons of fun for everyone boosted trough sound effects, graphical elements, background music to create tension and atmosphere.
- No software download or usage necessary besides Zoom or MS Teams. I take all the technical stuff off your shoulders.

How is the event structured?

You will firstly receive a welcome email a week prior to the event. A second email containing all relevant information like streams, platform link etc. will then also be sent.
Virtual-doors to the event open 30 minutes prior to the event and then we jump right into the game after welcoming everyone. The event then ends with crowning the winner.

Your host


Tino Engel

HELLO, MY NAME IS TINO ENGEL. I find my personal wealth in supporting people and teams in opening new doors. To enter new "playing fields" and to discover new opportunities.
Just like you, I know that a good and productive Team atmosphere does not happen by accident. It's rather the result of mutual appreciation, empathy, change of perspective, clarity, and reflection.

Accompanying teams on this part drives me. Pushed by my passion for communication and psychology, for poker, improvisational theatre, and "Learning by playing" in the broadest sense. I always focus on first-hand experience and practice rather than overwhelming theoretical sessions. And always the advancement of the Teams in mind. That is my personal definition of success. Or, to say it with Jim Carrey’s words:

"The influence you have on others is the most valuable currency there is. "

With this in mind - I look forward to meeting you!

What to bring

A headset works best for sound quality

Laptop/desktop computer with an excellent internet connection

Preferably good mood

How to participate

We automatically send you a calendar invite to your email with all the details to join the video call.


The video call will be conducted in the video conferencing tool of your choice (Teams, Zoom, Skype, Google Meet/Hangouts, WebEX, etc.)

fast and easy

Your entire team, remote or not remote, can easily participate in our events.

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Stay together, while work apart. Make sure your team stays connected and energized.

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All our creators are experts in their domain. Learning from and with them empowers your team.

From 1480 € per session