FAQ for Creators

What do I need to be a creator/What is expected of me?

We want creators that are interested in sharing their knowledge and can help improve company culture. You will notice that we have people from a vast variety of fields (fitness/yoga, chefs, experts, celebrities, magicians, etc.). What we expect form our creators is quality content, comittment to improving company culture and excellent internet connection.

Do you require a specific event structure?

Absolutely not. Different topics require different event types. You can offer anything from keynote speeches or workshops to interactive sessions or a spectator event.

What time-zone do I need to be in?

We are an international company and are therefore open to most time-zones. Though our main headquarter is located in Hamburg, Germany we operate around CET.

Does my event have to be hosted in English?

No. There are no limitations when it comes to the hosting language. You can offer your event in as many languages as you'd like.

Are the events recorded?

No. Event's are held live which is why we will require your availability to make sure that we can connect company teams with creators. We want to make sure companies get a personalised experience they can alwyas look back on fondly.

My event is aimed at smaller groups, can I still offer it?

Yes, of course. Some events work best in smaller groups, just let us know when you fill our the Become a Creator form.

Who owns the material I use in my event?

You do. The only thing we ask is for there to be no external branding, because you are now a Culturly creator.

How does payment work?

Creators are paid up to 15 days after the event via Stripe, Paypal, Bank Transfer, etc.

How much notice do I get before I host an event?

We always aim to provide a minimum of 1 week notice.

How do I set up my profile?

You're interested in hosting an event with us? Great! The next step would be to fill out our Become a Creator Form and we will get back to you as soon as possible and get your page up and running.

Do I have to take care of my marketing and bookings?

We take care of marketing and coordination of events. But feel free to let collegues and friends know about us too!

Does culturly host the event, or makes matchings only?

We host the event on the chosen conferencing tool and then send you the link so you can join in on the call.

What video conferencing tool is used?

This can vary from event to event but they are typically hosted on well-known video conferencing tools such as Teams, Zoom, Skype, Google Meet/Hangouts, WebEX, etc. We expect you to download these software before hand and check how screen-sharing, sound works. Our technical team can assist you in setting these up, if you need any help.

Does Culturly offer tech tools I might need (e.g. webcam, microphone, ringlight etc.)

No, creators should be able to provide these tool on their end.

Tips for Creators

Events, which are interactive do quite well on our platform. These are events, where you involve the participants, ask them questions (yes/no, handraise).

Before an event, its important that you learn a bit about the company (e.g. industry type, company values), so that you can deliver excellent experience.

Tech tools which are needed for the event

We want to deliver the best experience for companies therefore we advise our creators get the following equipment. It's a one-off cost, but makes the experience 100 times better and you get better reviews on our website. We collect automatic feedback after every event and display the reviews publically on our website.

External webcam
External microphone which you can clip on your shirt.
A ring light so there are no shadows
2 Internet sources

Code of Conduct

We strongly believe in inclusivity and diversity. We have zero tolerance for any racist, sexist, discriminatory remarks at our events.

Now that we have (hopefully) answered all of your questions, feel free to fill out a Become a Creator Form. Or alternatively you can send us an email with any other questions you might have to info@culturly.com