You want your people to be happy, connected and engaged with your company culture from wherever they are in their home offices? We support you with that! Culturly is the platform for companies that care a lot. With us you can book unique virtual events with carefully selected creators for your teams or your entire company within minutes.

Choose event and time - we do the whole organization for you. One of our trained moderators welcomes you through the screen before you listen, cook, train, barkeep, learn, dance or do whatever you love together with an expert creator. Meet you at zoom, hangouts or co!

 Team events

Perfect for team or department-wide event (usually 10-100 people) 

Passionate experts for energizing, empowering and entertaining events

Booking within minutes

Special Company events 

Perfect for company-wide events (up to 1,000 people)

Award-winning creators and celebrities offer once-in-a-lifetime experiences

Custom booking and pricing

What we do for you ?


Choose Your team Event objective


Invest in your employees by offering them Motivational Keynotes, Negotiation classes, Courses ranging from Design Thinking to Mindfullness so that they are inspired and enabled to work harder, think uniquely, communicate effectively hence contributing substantially to your success. 

It is scientifically proven that fitness, meditation, yoga and other forms of physical exercises have substantial positive effects on overall performance of a person. Energize your employees by offering them courses with passionate sport coaches, yogis and health experts.

A remote workplace should be fun, joyful and connecting - and there is no reason that it wouldn‘t work . Make it easy for people to enjoy shared experiences together by surprising them with a barkeeping course, a DJ, a cooking class or a dancing lesson.

The way to the heart is through the stomach. Eating and drinking together is also possible from home. Experience one of our online tastings, cooking or baking classes. Wether coffee, wine, beer, gin or the ingredients for a cooking class - everything will be delivered.

Virtual Team Event / Experience

Decide whether you want to Entertain, Empower, Energize your team.

Virtual Team Event / Experience

Easy to Book

Choose among many of our team events, hosted by our unique creators.

Virtual Team Event / Experience

Pick a time that works for your team. You will receive a calendar invite for your video call with our creator