Good Decision Making with Champions League referee Tobias Stieler

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What’s this event all about?

I am a top-class FIFA referee blowing my whistle for the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europe League – this job as well as this event is all about good decision making.

The core job of every referee is basically to make good decisions within a matter of seconds. You could also say to make the right decisions. As a referee you focus your entire life to train to become better in decision making – because wrong decisions can make the difference between victory and defeat. They influence success and failure on the field and beyond the game.

Besides working as a referee, I am also a certified systemic coach and highly requested corporate speaker. At this event, I will show you the strategies top referees use to make the right decision. My presentation is based on the most recent psychological findings, such as the science behind intuitions vs. rational decisions, but I also use many examples from the football field.

I can’t promise you that referees are always right. However, what I can promise you is that this event is highly beneficial for anyone working in a business context where there have to make quick, good, and winning decisions (so more or less all of us).

Who can take this class?

The sum of our decisions decides on our life and whether we win or lose in business (and also private life). I highly recommend everyone learning about good decision making and I am happy to welcome anyone interested here for my Culturly event.

Why should we take this class?

You will learn how to make better decisions. This can be broken down into:

- How we as human process information and what role training, knowledge and skills play in making good decisions
- Intuition vs. Intellect (rational): Who you should trust and and in which situations what approach?
- How to deal with pressure in order to be able to make (even) more reliable decisions

How is this event structured?

- Introduction and some stories from my life as a referee and on the football field
- Keynote presentation covering both personal stories and scientific models
- Question and Answer

Your host


Tobias Stieler

Hey, my name is Tobias Stieler.

I am a German top-referee for the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europe League and 1. Bundesliga. In total, I blew my whistle in almost 200 football matches and if I have learned one thing, then: How to make good decisions. Since my debut in 2009, I continuously developed my decision-making skills, made a coaching training and took a deep dive into the psychology of us human beings.

I love sharing my knowledge with others and I know for a fact that “people with long business shorts can learn a lot from us referees in sport shorts”.

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