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What’s this event all about?

The world becomes faster, noisier and louder every day. With endless ways to find entertaining distractions just at your fingertips, an increasing number of people find it hard to find focus and concentration nowadays. In fact, 55% of US employees for example stated in a recent survey that they cannot put their mind on a single task for longer than 30 minutes anymore because of their smartphone.

My name is Jost Kobusch, I am one of the most known professional mountaineers around the globe and I know what it takes to keep focus. When I am above the clouds at 8000 meters and more, every movement matters. Every toe, every finger, every breath is exactly how it has to be. The tricks of how I keep away from any single distraction when I am climbing on the peaks of the world are not any different than from when I sit in front of my computer. With my keynote I am going to share my secrets with you and take you on an inspiring journey to places where no one except myself has ever been.

Who can take this class?

All of you. My keynote has nothing to do with the fact whether or not you like mountains. It has a tremendous benefit for all of us living in the western world and being constantly connected with each other through technology. Especially, for big teams who want to share a unique experience with breathtaking photos and videos I designed this event.

Why should we take this class?

You and your company / colleagues will learn what it means to become and what it means to be a professional mountaineer even when all the odds are against you. From past keynotes, I know that my story on how I became who I am today, can be extremely motivating. Still attendees text me frequently that my words left beneficial marks on them.

Through my experience of how I survived a huge avalanche at the Everest Basecamp, I will remind you of what's truly important in life and that everything you do should be with full focus. Speaking of, the hand-on-tools I am giving away on how to develop focus, stay focused and don’t be distracted at work is a productivity booster for all of you.

How is this event structured?

The event is structured fairly simply: First, I give you a brief introduction about myself as well as about the art of mountaineering before I move on to share my highly demanded keynote with you. Here I lead you through my entire career, talking about my near death experience and what I took away from it. Finally, I give hand-on-tactics to develop a more focused mindset and at the very end, we will have around 15-20 minutes for a personal Q&A.

Your host


Jost Kobusch

Hi, my name is Jost Kobusch. I have climbed many of the world’s highest mountains, broke several records and won awards. Mostly, I am known for my unusual approach that requires a specific intensity of focus: I climb mountains solo, without additional oxygen and support.

Also, I have survived an avalanche in the Everest Base Camp and since that day, I am living my life even more to the fullest. I am stoked to share my story with you!

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