Leadership lessons from national goalkeeper René Adler

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What’s this event all about?

I am a former professional goalkeeper, have been a part of the German national football team and have played in 396 matches. As the last line of defence, I have developed my leadership and communication skills. What I learnt during my football career is that while I can save the game in many instances, I can’t win the game all on my own. That’s where teamwork and clear communication comes in.

A big part of my role in the team (other than stopping the other team from scoring goals) was to motivate and cultivate trust between players. From my unique position on the field, I was able to spot any potential gaps and guide my team for stronger plays.

Photos and videos will be provided and I will share never before heard behind the scenes information of my time as a goalkeeper. Moreover, I will be showing you how to work well under pressure while maintaining effective and efficient communication with your teammates. When you leave this event, you will have all the right tools to become a more effective leader and create bonds within your team that will help you achieve your goals.

Who can take this class?

There are no limitations to who can take this class. Cultivating leadership skills is something that is useful for everyone. This is particularly important in a work environment since being an effective leader means establishing good teamwork and fostering trust and support among the group.

Why should we take this class?

Leadership isn’t something static, there are always ways to improve and sharpen your skills. In this class, you will learn about what makes a good leader and creates a good environment that fosters effective communication and teamwork. I will provide useful tips you can use in stressful situations that lead to better decision making.

How is this event structured?

I will introduce myself and give you some background information on myself, including some behind the scenes information about my time as a goalkeeper. I will also explore the relationship between being a goalkeeper and leadership. This will be followed by a 30-minute presentation where I share my extensive knowledge of key leadership attributes and how you can use them in the workplace and even in your personal life. Our session will then end with a Q&A session where I will be answering any questions you might have.

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René Adler

Hi, my name is René Adler. I am the former national goalkeeper of the German football team. Since retiring from my football career in 2019 I have become a football expert, keynote speaker, and dedicate my time to entrepreneurial ventures.

Being a goalie has meant that I have learnt how to effectively communicate with my team and created trust between players. I have a deep understanding of what it means to make good split-second decisions that can impact a whole team while analysing the risks and opportunities.

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