Discover the world’s most exotic places with famous photographer Max Muench

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60 Minutes

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What You'll do

What’s this event all about?

Ever wondered how it is to travel the world for a living? To see the most exotic, remote and hidden places? To interact with strangers from different countries, cultures and continents?

In this event, I will answer that question for you by giving you a glimpse inside my life and my work. My name is Max Muench, I am a world-renowned travel photographer and yes, I do travel for a living - in 2019, I had over 280 travel days to places all over the world. I share my work with over 600,000 Instagram followers and I am honored to have been selected by Instagram as one of the best photographers around the world.

But today, I am here only for YOU. Let me take you on a journey around the world. We will go to places like the Mongolian desert or the highlands of Kyrgyzstan together. By showing you pictures and videos and telling you the personal stories behind all those places and situations, I am hoping to change your perspectives and also spark inspiration for your work - whatever it might be.

Also, I am sharing my secrets on building a massive audience on Instagram, what tips and tricks I’d give to a brand (and to individuals) when starting out with sharing photos and videos and what the life of a content creator really looks like. Get ready and let’s find the unexpected together!

Who can take this class?

Literally, all of us. From a business perspective: Social Media, Content Marketing and Storytelling gets more important for brands of all sizes every day. From a personal perspective: We all love to travel, to experience special moments and also, from time to time, share them. Plus, we all benefit from a creativity boost and a change in perspective.

Why should we take this class?

You will learn how good storytelling is done nowadays, how Instagram is used to build a brand and how creativity and passions drives all our work. I am here to inspire and motivate you and also, if you are not looking for that, to simply entertain you with great pictures and videos.

How is this event structured?

10 Minutes - Introduction of myself, my career and how I got to where I am today
30 Minutes - Multimedia-Presentation incl. videos and photos from exotic places
10 Minutes - Social Media, Content Creation, Influencer Marketing and Storytelling Deep Dive
10 Minutes - Q&A Session

Your host


Max Muench

Hey, my name is Max Muench. If you like traveling and photography, you probably already stumbled upon my photos on Instagram at least once. I am a professional photographer and serial company founder and a famous content creator. Instagram even honored me to be one of the best photographers around the whole world - but that’s another story. I am here at Culturly to share my passion with you and to invite you to travel the world with me through my photos and videos. Looking forward to meeting you!

What to bring

Bring good vibes

Desire to learn something new

Check out my Instagram Profile (@muenchmax) to see where I travel, what kind of content I create, and if you have, bring all the questions you might have

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