Cycling alone through Africa: Discovering the world together with Netflix-Star Anselm Pahnke

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What’s this event all about?

“Anselm gives unexpected answers and has a unique perspective. I could easily fill an entire show with his story and you could hear a needle drop when he does his amazing pauses. The audience loves him” (Markus Lanz, German TV Moderator)

I cycled the world for over 3 years, more than 40,000 kilometres and through 40 countries - alone. I have seen half of the globe sitting on my saddle and I made a movie called “Elsewhere” about my year in Africa which you can now see on Netflix & Amazon. During my journey I have been imprisoned, I had Malaria and I cycled more than 3000 kilometres against the wind through the Sahara. But my biggest lesson has been that there is a huge difference between being alone and being lonely. I spent 22 days without seeing any other human and I wasn’t lonely at all: I have only been alone.

Today, in times of COVID-19, lock-downs and social distancing, I feel that this message is more important than ever. I am a well-trained speaker who spoke at over 200 events and my presentation, filled with colourful pictures and videos, will take the audience to the most exotic places while also making them feel connected - even while being apart.

I am excited to be hosting a Culturly event for you and support people in these unusual times with my very own (and also quite unusual) life story.

Who can take this class?

Every single person - especially nowadays, we all really need a break from our daily lives from time to time. Come on a journey with me and leave better prepared for challenges.

Why should we take this class?

Above all, I am seeking to inspire and to support people with my story. You will learn how:

- to better deal with the current situation around COVID-19 and isolation
- to leave your comfort zone in order to gain new perspectives
- to be connected (while being apart) with colleagues and friends by being truly yourself

How is this event structured?

The event lasts for 60 minutes in total. I will give a brief introduction of myself, of my background and will here (depending on the audience size) also interact with the event attendees. Afterwards, I will continue to give a well-trained presentation including photos and videos. In the end, I am always leaving time (15-20 minutes) for a question and answer session where people can also open up and share their current challenges. This part can be truly powerful for team building purposes.

Your host


Anselm Pahnke

My name is Anselm Nathanael Pahnke, I was born in 1989 in Hamburg and since the age of 15, I have been capturing important moments with my camera. One day after my bachelor graduation, I started cycling around the world. It took me 3 years until I returned back home - definitely a different person than when I left. My movie “elsewhere” (see trailer below) has been watched by over 100,000 people in the cinema and has won several awards. I am now a professional speaker and share my learnings from this trip around the world with audiences and teams from all over the world. I am excited to do that for you (and your team) as well!

What to bring

Bring good vibes

Desire to learn something new

Your creativity and sense of adventure

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