Unf*ck the economy through New Work with Einhorn Founder Philip Siefer

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What’s this event all about?

In this event you will hear me, Philip Siefer, one of the Chief Executive Unicorns of the legendary condom brand “Einhorn Kondome” speak. If you don’t know me or one of our EINHORNY keynotes, be expected to become witness to the most magical, crazy, and different talk you and your colleagues have ever experienced: there has been talks from me or from my co-founder Waldemar Zeiler where we performed in a Vagina costume, where we meditated with the attendees, or where TED decided to take down the video of the talk because it was “too much of a performance”. Also, almost every talk starts with “Unfuck the …”

The backstory: After going the typical entrepreneurial path (Rocket Internet, fundraising etc.), Waldemar and me decided to dedicate our time building a Social Business instead of trying to become millionaires as quickly as possible. We therefore created the initiative “Entrepreneurs Pledge” where founders promise to invest 50% of the profits they are making with a sustainable business in social and environmental projects. Next, we made the pledge come true in February 2015 with a sustainable Design Condom (Einhorn Condom), breaking records in crowdfunding. Einhorn became also popular through different TV Shows and the self made online series “Condom CEO”.

Every talk is unique, different, and will definitely entail surprises for the audience! If you want to get an impression of what I am talking about: there is a video at the bottom.

Who can take this class?

The better question is “Who CAN’T take this event?” We are really selective where and for whom we are giving talks. Social businesses, NGOs, universities (and those willing to join the entrepreneur’s pledge) definitely have an advantage.

Why should we take this class?

You will be learning how a brand people love is built by leaving common paths. Einhorn does not have a hierarchy (I am not a boss - everything is decided 100% democratically), before we founded, we did a couple’s therapy together, and we also created a true media hype around the female orgasm. If you want to learn about New Work, why it’s important to Unfuck the old economy, and how to approach GenY, this will be right for you.

How is this event structured?

It will take around 60 minutes and entails many, maaany, maaaaany surprises. That’s everything I can say.

Your host


Philip Siefer

My name is Philip Siefer, Chief Executive Unicorn @Einhorn products, also known as the pope of condoms. I talk about my entrepreneurial journey with (and before) going into the field of sustainable condoms - this covers topics such as New Work, Entrepreneurship, Fairstanability, and Unf*cking the economy. I have spoken at too many events to be listed here but I am sure if you google it with ECOSIA, you will find what you are looking for about me :-)

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