Enter the world of magic with a celebrated magician


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60 min

Group Size

100 people

Hosted In

German, English

What You'll do

What’s this event all about?

You will be amazed at this event. You will laugh, you will be thrilled and confused in a very pleasant way and you will learn to do magic yourself.

A modern magic-show in combination with a magic workshop is waiting for you. Sit back and enjoy – you won't trust your eyes...

Who can take this class?

Everyone who is interested in some great entertainment and of course learning Magic.

Why should we take this class?

You will learn to do magic so that you can amaze and entertain friends, family, colleagues or co-workers.

How is this event structured?

First there is a compact modern, funny and of course, magical show to see. Then you can immerse yourself in the realm of magic and learn a few magic tricks that you can do with everyday objects at any time.

Your host


Simon Buchhagen


I'm Simon and I'm a professional magician. I love to amaze people and make them laugh. Over the past years thousands of people enjoyed my magic and I've taught many people how to do magic.

I would describe myself as friendly, charming, funny, talented, good-looking, almost brilliant, creative and very humble. ;-)

In a good mood and very thrilling, I will bring you closer to the world of magic.

What to bring

A deck of cards

A matchbox and some coins

Some rubber bands and your Smartphone

How to participate

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