Offer Flexibility

Why remote


Save Costs
Be Eco-friendly

People are very productive and actually prefer working from home. They don‘t have to worry about a commute and they aren‘t limited in where they live.

Adam D‘Angelo, CEO @Quora

Offer Flexibility

86% of employees prefer mobile work*

People no longer want to choose between a great job and where they live or between family and work. Flexibility is key to hire, retain and develop the best employees.

Be Eco-Friendly

71% of CEOs want less business travel

Mobile work means no daily commute of employees and no or less energy costs for massive office buildings. Going remote saves endless CO2 – your Corporate Social Responsibility will thank you. 

Save Costs

26% of knowledge workers quit their jobs and switched to a remote work company

Don‘t spend a tremendous amount of resources trying to find and to keep great people – talent is spread over the world. Also, save yourself the cost of renting a massive office.

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That‘s why remote.

„This isn‘t a choice. This is the future“

Tobias Lütke, Founder @Shopify


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